Lani & Marvin

It was the most windy day at the beach. St Kilda turned into a massive wind tunnel, seriously! It was hard to take shots specially when the sand hits your skin, and my soon-to-be-bride’s hair was just all over the place. Hahah! but hey, that doesn’t stop us from making these photos beautiful.

So my friends are getting married soon. Let me be the first to say… welcome to the club! I wish you all the best there is. I will see you again on your wedding day…. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Lani & Marvin

  1. Without sounding like an over-eager bride-to-be, I can’t resist looking at the pre-nup photos and am even more excited to see the wedding day photos.

    The weather on the day made it very difficult. The wind and sand felt as if we were being pelted with rocks and forever taking cover but Christine, the trooper that she is was still able to take beautiful photos. 

    Two words: Creative genius!

    Thank you for capturing these special moments. The photos will be something we can talk about when we are old and gray and rocking in our rocking chairs!

  2. Aaaw.. Thank you for your kind words Lani. That really inspires me more! Haha! Im glad you liked them and I am so happy and privileged to be doing your wedding, thank you for your trust. 3 weeks to go soon-to-be MRS LANI LUNA! That actually sounds so right, don’t you think? 🙂 See you soon!

  3. We’re lucky to have such a gifted friend 😉
    Lani Luna? Sounds like a tongue twister but I love Marvin so much, I’d even take on a funny sounding name hihihi.
    Again, thank you Christine.

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