Lani + Marvin 07.01.11

The day finally arrived…  Marvin & Lani were finally tying the knot!  My heart was beating so fast, maybe even faster than the bride’s as she walked down the aisle.  Couldn’t have been more excited and thrilled to have witnessed their union.   I’ve known Marvin for 5 years now and when the couple asked me if I can do their wedding….   I immediately said YES!!  How can you say no right??  The bride was so beautiful on her wedding day..  I was in awe the moment I saw her.    The couple wanted a small, cozy and casual wedding..  and that’s exactly how it went on their big day.  SIMPLE and FUN.

We had their after-wedding photo shoot at a not so usual place which is a  cemetery.. but hey! It made for some pretty spectacular backdrop. Anyways, I wish you guys well… make a lot of beautiful babies!! 🙂 I will see you soon. 🙂

I am unable to upload the slideshow here so please follow the link below: