Danica & Dominic @ five days old

I was over the moon the day when my sis-in-law texted me and told me they’re having twins! For one, my brother has a twin sister and now he’s having his own set of twins! That is just incredible! Truly a blessing from above. I was the happiest aunt when they were born on the 8th of January. It’s beyond words how cute and how adorable these babies are!Ā  I couldn’t help but embrace them as much as I could, snuggle them when I get the chance and watch them smile as I cradle them to sleep. I love them already like my own. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photo shoot them days after they got home from the hospital. Enjoy viewing the photos!

2 thoughts on “Danica & Dominic @ five days old

  1. Omg first time on your site…. I LOVE your photos. And your Bubs and my Bubs definitely look like cousins!! šŸ˜Š

    • šŸ™‚ Thanks so much Malu.. I have been slack updating my site but I will get on it once I find the time.. That’s true our bubs definitely look like cousins no doubt! Can’t wait for them to meet and can’t wait to meet you all too xxx

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