Brendon & Sarah 19.11.11

As the saying goes, “when life throws you lemons,  you make lemonade”. This was the motto Brendon and Sara abided by on their cold and rainy wedding day. Despite the rain they managed to put on a smile and enjoy the wedding to bits with their very loving family and friends, which were by the way one of the nicest people I’ve met. Since it was bucketing down outdoors, I asked the bride if it was okay with her to get her wedding dress wet coz I still wanted to take a couple of shots in the rain, and she said yes without hesitation, what a trooper! And the rest were done in their bridal suite. Enjoy viewing the photos on this blog and the slideshow below..

Florence Gienia Calderon

I have always wanted to photograph babies as I adore how fragile and angelic they are, and Florence is no exception. With beautiful parents, it’s easy to see where she gets her looks from. Photographing children are notoriously hard to do and requires a lot of patience. But the end result is always worth it. I always put my heart into every photo shoot I do and I believe that it shows.

Rob & Tara 30.04.11

Beach Wedding

Casual and Fun beach wedding was the theme of the day. It’s not everyday that you  see a stress-free bride making the event a blast to shoot. So here are some of the shots I took together with Fil Tungol and Vincent Calderon. We sure did enjoy the bagel breakky at Maccas and the long drive to Jan Juc.

Location: Jan Juc Beach

Photographers: Christine Tungol, Vincent Calderon, Fil Tungol

Please click the link below to view the slideshow of photos.

Lani + Marvin 07.01.11

The day finally arrived…  Marvin & Lani were finally tying the knot!  My heart was beating so fast, maybe even faster than the bride’s as she walked down the aisle.  Couldn’t have been more excited and thrilled to have witnessed their union.   I’ve known Marvin for 5 years now and when the couple asked me if I can do their wedding….   I immediately said YES!!  How can you say no right??  The bride was so beautiful on her wedding day..  I was in awe the moment I saw her.    The couple wanted a small, cozy and casual wedding..  and that’s exactly how it went on their big day.  SIMPLE and FUN.

We had their after-wedding photo shoot at a not so usual place which is a  cemetery.. but hey! It made for some pretty spectacular backdrop. Anyways, I wish you guys well… make a lot of beautiful babies!! 🙂 I will see you soon. 🙂

I am unable to upload the slideshow here so please follow the link below:

Lani & Marvin

It was the most windy day at the beach. St Kilda turned into a massive wind tunnel, seriously! It was hard to take shots specially when the sand hits your skin, and my soon-to-be-bride’s hair was just all over the place. Hahah! but hey, that doesn’t stop us from making these photos beautiful.

So my friends are getting married soon. Let me be the first to say… welcome to the club! I wish you all the best there is. I will see you again on your wedding day…. 🙂




I chose bubbles as the theme of my photo shoot and I did get the effect i really wanted. The girls were very sweet and know how to pose in front of the camera so I didn’t get a hard time to pose them around. 🙂 The family were very accommodating, very cooperative and patient. Thanks so much for trusting me  do your family portrait. I really appreciate it. Hope this wont be our last photo session. 🙂 Enjoy viewing..

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