Autumn in Daylesford

What’s a perfect way to spend your weekend? Attending a wedding, coffee with your best mates, a visit to The Lakehouse or a massage from Hepburn Springs? I’d say all of the above. Friday the 20th of April, off we went to Daylesford for the much awaited wedding of the year… My sister-in-law’s wedding, Mary Rose. All of the family gathered together to help out with the wedding plans which the bride herself organized. With the much anticipated wedding the following day, all of us were busy talking, planning and of course eating, the most enjoyable part of the day. Good food and good conversation altogether. So the day came, and I saw the bride walk down the aisle and oh my… she was the most beautiful bride! She’s shining from within, and her eyes and smile were glowing like a princess. These photos below are only the candid shots we took of her and the groom and some were taken before and after the wedding. Enjoy viewing the photos.

Photography by: Vincent Calderon and Christine Tungol

Album Layout by: Christine Tungol

Flowers by: Kellee Flowers |

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So tell me, what’s not to love in Autumn? Everywhere you look is worth the shot.

We don’t only love taking photos of people and capturing their moments but we also love to be in the photos. Vincent Calderon himself striking a pose for me.



Paella Feast

Brandy Creek Winery is famous for their all-you-can-eat Paella. They serve five different kinds of paella on this five huge paella pan (if that’s what you call it). Amazing how one chef can do all this in just one hour. My favorite one of all was their  “casuella” . It’s one kind of paella where you cook all the ingredients first and you put the paella rice last. It was good! The chorizo and chicken was perfect. Their tapas were just as good, all cooked to perfection. And i liked their dolce de leche ice cream with toffee candy on top. The only thing that I didn’t like was their spanish donuts “churros”.  It was like it wasn’t fried much so the inside were still soft. But all up, ITS GOOD! Will go there again for seconds. 🙂

European Breakfast

I was walking down the Spring St in the city one morning, and saw this nice cozy restaurant and went in to try their breakfast. I wasn’t expecting much since the place was so tiny. But that’s what made this restaurant’s ambience one of a kind. When you’re here you will feel like you’re in one of Europe’s cafes. I enjoyed my breakfast, my skinny cappuccino was nice too. I will definitely come back and enjoy more of their food in the menu.

Melbourne City

Melbourne City. Lovely as it is, it didn’t give me a hard time getting the shots that i wanted. The city is too photogenic. Enjoy viewing.

Note: Images on this website are protected by copyright. It is unauthorized to use these images without the permission of Christine Dy-Tungol Photography.